You have probably seen that so many of our posts have daisies, our logos have daisies, and anyone who has met Michelle knows she wears something with daisies every single day in memory of Colette.  So why daisies?  Well, the symbol comes straight from Colette.

  • When Michelle was pregnant with Colette, she had vivid dreams almost every night and often saw a baby or young girl in her dreams.  A lot of the dreams had the young girl running through fields of daisies.  In other dreams, the baby had a daisy in her hair or the room was covered with daisies.
  • Colette’s grandmother, Maria, also had a dream involving daisies shortly after Colette was born
  • Colette’s great-grandmother, Mercedes, planted some daisies and shortly after Colette was born, while still in a cold Chicago May, daisies bloomed in epic proportion (and they’re still growing but now are known as Colette’s daisies)
  • After Colette gained her angel wings, Michelle reached out to a good friend who has done design work for them in the past and asked for her to design cards to use as thank yous to friends and family who sent gifts and attended the memorial.  She gave little description, just saying  something pink and girly and pretty.  Molly came up with what later morphed into our logo with white daisies.

After a year of using the daisy analogy as part of the foundation, we decided to look at the word daisies and really what it meant to us and to our goals of commemorating Colette and to helping families nationwide.  We came up with the following acronym that we feel describes Colette and her short life, but long memory, as well as the tenets of our mission and work.