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February 3, 2020
Making National Headlines
February 12, 2020
Share your story.  Tell your truth.  Speak out even if your voice shakes.

I have been blessed to have so many role models, encouragers, and supporters who have repeated these words over and over to me.  And believe me, when it's me who won't shut up, who keeps questioning why and how we can do better, it is not always easy for those around me to continue to keep supporting this, and even encouraging it.

But, as much as I thought I spoke out before, becoming a mom and then quickly afterwards, a loss mom, has meant that I have not been able to be quiet, even for a second.  I share all of the feelings, I am so open, I challenge everyone and everything.

Sometimes, I fear that I cross the line, that I say way too much and that all I end up doing is alienating people, not moving the needle like I always hope I am.  But, this last week, I felt validated in my work.  My acupuncturist, who specializes in fertility, told me that working with me and all of my openness has made her a better practitioner because her experiences previously with loss did not come from an informed perspective and now they do.

I was so grateful for that validation, for the amazing feedback, knowing how genuine it was.  This is not at all the area I wish I had experience in.  In fact, as glad I am that I have the opportunity to speak out about this and as proud I am of the work we have done in Colette's name, I would give it all up to have Colette here with me.  But, since we do not get to make those decisions and I have to live with what I have, I am happy to have this experience, this voice, this platform, and the encouragement to go forth, speak out, and do just a little bit to effect change.

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!  I also encourage each of you to share your own stories, to speak out and say hey, this is what I've experienced and this is what I want you to learn from me.  Only in sharing those experiences do we learn and make changes.



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