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February 24, 2021
Allison Carter
March 4, 2021

Some time ago, I had the pleasure of meeting (via phone!) Taylor, the mom of Lily Reagan and founder of Lily’s List. My sister found out about their organization via a Reddit thread. I reached out and we connected to discuss our respective organizations and experiences. As a fellow loss mom, I instantly connected with her and even more so with her ingenious solutions and the creation of this organization. When her daughter Lily came home, the transition from hospital to home was tougher than they could have expected. Taylor worked with various nurses who gave tips and recommendations and she put a system into place to ease the transition and time at home. From there, that grew into what they call “Love Boxes” to help bridge the gap and make the home health nursing easier.

Today would have been Lily’s third birthday and in celebration of her life and the work being done in her memory, I want to share with you what they do and encourage you to check them out. Also, today, wish Lily a happy birthday! I know we will and I certainly hope that Colette is celebrating with her!

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