Adorable Baby Towels
July 7, 2021
The Dying Kind: Silence
July 7, 2021

The Dying Kind: Pregnancy and Infant Loss

In all my nature and wildlife photography I tend to lean towards dark and dramatic so this image was a bit of a departure for what I normally shoot and like, which made me like it even more. I love the light airy feel of this image with only the tiny Eastern Tailed-Blue butterfly having dark parts of the image which made it stand out. I spent an evening in a large overgrown field neighboring my mother's house. Initially I was trying to get the butterflies and bees backlit with the setting sun but once the sun dipped below a far away tree line the light transformed into a beautiful soft wash over everything. I was able to shoot in every direction and even though I had no direct sun there was still plenty of light to keep my settings where I liked. I found this beautiful butterfly as it was flitting around after I walked by it. I waited until it landed and moved in slowly. For this photo I made sure to include some of the tint of orange sky from the setting sun and I really loved the large soft bloom to the left. The field was full of them and they made for a pretty setting. Taken in Vineland, southern New Jersey.

It’s difficult to grieve for someone you never met. There are no memories, only hopes and dreams lost. We were both angry, hurt, sad, terrified, and lost.

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