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Emergency and Endurance

Christina Helger shares the story of her daughter who came early and then went through a long process to come home
Tell us about your story.
My daughter came early at 29 weeks. We had a scary emergency c section. They believe it was due to covid. It was a very hard time for us, she had to have surgery, a few blood transfusion, and countless other procedures. Very happy to say after 109 days my princess is home.
What triggered you to apply for assistance?
Premature birth, NICU stay
What assistance did you receive?
Childcare, Credit card bill
What were you hoping to get from applying?
I was looking for some financial help.
How did you feel when you got approved?
I was so happy to be approved! It was such a relief to know I would be able to pay some bills that were piling up while I was out of work with my baby in the NICU.
Explain what this help meant to you. What effect did it have on your family short-term and long-term?
It was so nice that people I didn't even know would help me out during one of the hardest times in my life.
If you had not gotten the help you did, what would that have meant for your family?
I would have not been able to pay a sitter for my older kids and would not be able to be in the hospital with my baby and that would have broke my heart.
What would you say to another family going through this same process?
It will get better, you won't be here forever. This is just a chapter in your story.
What do you now know that you wish you had known previously?
There are programs and people who will help you just need to ask.


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