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Normal and Then...

Tina Doan shares the story of her normal pregnancy until she contracted Covid and how it affected her and her son's health.
Tell us about your story.
I had a normal pregnancy until 24 weeks. I contracted covid and was on a ventilator. Three weeks after discharge, my placenta ruptured and I delivered 10 weeks over via emergency c section. My baby was 4 lbs at birth and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through.
What triggered you to apply for assistance?
NICU stay
What assistance did you receive?
Gas gift cards
What were you hoping to get from applying?
We were hoping for gas assistance. I was traveling to the hospital 20 miles a day daily.
How did you feel when you got approved?
I was incredibly overjoyed that I would be able to continue to see our baby regularly. Gas was getting expensive and I was going to have to cut down the trips.
Explain what this help meant to you. What effect did it have on your family short-term and long-term?
This help was very meaningful because I was able to see my baby more often. My milk supply was starting to dwindle because I wasn’t able to see my baby everyday.
If you had not gotten the help you did, what would that have meant for your family?
I probably would have had to stop pumping and emotionally, it would have been overbearing to be away from my baby so much.
What has happened since asking for help? Bring us up to date.
Our Gage is now five months old with no external monitors or oxygen. He is 14 lbs and exclusively breastfeeding. We are so glad to have him home.
What would you say to another family going through this same process?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Pay it forward.
Is there anything else you'd like to share?
This foundation is life changing. The NICU journey is so hard but this foundation really helped and even sent the sweetest box after for mom and baby. If you can give anything at all, it means the world to the families impacted.

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