Undefining Motherhood: Losing Yourself When You Lose a Child
July 7, 2021
The Loss of Finding Out
July 11, 2021

Featured Family: Elizabeth Pompey

What events triggered you to apply for assistance from The Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation? Premature birth, NICU stay

Why did you apply for assistance from The Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation? We were trying to find answers and there were few. We stumbled upon this organization and this was the only one that helped.

What assistance did you receive? Lyft rides, phone bill, credit card bill

What did this help mean to you and your family?Having our phone bill paid and bank account cleared helped so much. We were not as worried about bills and could focus on our child’s needs.

If you had not gotten the help you did, what would that have meant for your family? That would have meant going into debt and not being able to call or go to the hospital to visit.

What would you say to another family going through this same process? Keep trying

What do you now know that you wish you had known previously? That this maybe the hardest obstacle we have ever faced, but we will grow stronger because of this.

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