I made the decision to apply to CLF while I was going through pregnancy complications that included the premature birth and NICU stay for my child which left me feeling a lot of stress. Finding out about the organization gave me a feeling of hope, although I wasn’t certain I could even get the help I needed. When my application was approved, there was a relief, and I felt hopeful that I could get through this trying time. CLF helped me with transportation, allowing me to stay current on my car payment. They took the stress away by not having my car repossessed which allowed me to travel to be there with my child. Today, although my child was born prematurely, we are home. If I had any advice to give during times like these is to be sure to stay in touch with your social worker, they are very useful.


Preemie mom

I felt so great—happy, thankful, and grateful that they took the time to read our story and wanted to help us. This is an amazing program and they and I was thankful for it so I would really hope someone else would be too.


NICU parent

“When I got approved, I was speechless, it felt like a relief off of my shoulders. It’s nice to know that there are people going or who have been through similar situations willing to give a helping hand. Everything was perfect, the communication was open and clear. Since being approved, I’ve given birth, moved into my new home and my daughter has hit her 6 month mark.”

Skye Blue

NICU parent

"I was so grateful to get the assistance. All the emotions that go along with having your baby in the NICU can be very overwhelming and knowing that there are people out there that have/are going through the same experience is helpful. I really appreciated the compassion shown by the foundation. All I would say is keep doing what you are doing! This whole experience has brought back faith in humanity for me, that there are people out there who want to help make a better place for everyone.”


NICU Parent

We were overwhelmed with the daily commutes to the NICU, but hopeful about applying. Seeing the approval was truly a blessing—knowing assistance was coming certainly gave us comfort. Your generosity plants a seed that encourages us to seek ways to help others. Your foundation is amazing! Our son is home from the NICU and healthy after 106 days.

The Cash Family

When I applied, I was anxious, worried and felt a lot of FEAR! Every day I drove 45 minutes to and from Evanston to be with my son. My funds were strained; I started to feel like a burden because I needed help with gas money. I didn’t know what I would do if I would not have been able to be with my son whenever I was ready. I was also praying the car would not break down on me on the highway before I could afford to get it fixed. I feared for my life and got sick at the thought of not being able to be with my baby.

I remember constantly feeling like there’s no way my application is going to be approved hoping it would because the repairs that needed to be done just costs too much money (in my eyes) for little ole me (for just one person). I just felt I was asking for too much. I never had any support like this in my life it felt too good to be true. All I can remember is my social worker having to remind me “this is what she wants to do, she wants to help families in the NICU experiencing a crisis.”

The day I found out I was approved, me and my mom had just got to the hospital we were still in the locker room waiting for shift change to finish. I drove us from Waukegan to Evanston in her car and it was the worst 45 min of my life. I had to drive 40-45 mph on the expressway because my mom was a nervous wreck. At one point she even started crying! So when I was told my application was approved I screamed right there in that locker room and started praising God! It was a big relief and I was and still am forever grateful.

I especially loved the communication, being approved in a promptly manner, and how personal the foundation gets with families’ needs in the NICU like mine. My baby came home on his due date—November 8, 2019. The foundation is very special because they’re very supportive and let you know you’re not alone.


Preemie Mom

You provided us with the most valuable gift.  Providing us with Lyft transportation allowed us to travel back and forth from the hospital when we were exhausted and needed support the most.  It allowed me to visit my son and take the stress out of traveling to the city from my house and it allowed me to go back to work and be able to see my son every morning and night.  We are now home from the NICU!  We wanted to thank you so much for the support your foundation has given us. It’s people like yourselves who realize that giving back is such an important thing. We hope we can also be an example of this process to others.


Preemie Mom

I would recommend because when you are looking at gloom, the foundation is a glimpse of hope.  I felt cared for and loved.  The foundation responded quickly and promptly. I was worried one day, and the next I was relieved.  The process was very easy and prompt. The foundation is very well organized.  I have been discharged from the hospital, my child was born, stayed 2 1/2 months, and was discharged home. My child revisited the hospital for a serious illness, but thankfully recovered fairly quickly and was released back home.  The words thank you does not describe the feeling and love I share with the foundation.

Natalie Gomez

Preemie Parent

There was such a willingness to help. It was really easy to communicate my needs. I never felt like I was asking for a handout. It felt like someone knew what we were going through and just wanted to take away some of the burden. I also really appreciated the quick replies. This process is hard enough without long waiting periods.

Jeanette S.

Loss Mom

Before applying, we were worried.  We never ask for help, it was a big change for us. But we needed that at the point in time, without it we would’ve been without and a massive bill while being in the hospital with our daughter. We were so grateful to get the approval and help, glad our social worker talked us into contacting and reaching out!  They are wonderful people, able to talk and know what was going on!  We’re extremely thankful for the work you guys do and the help you guys provide for the families in hard times!"

The Vaughn Family

I was anxious, worried, stressed and depressed, but hopeful once I heard about the foundation and applied.  Once approved, I was overwhelmed, grateful, appreciative and relieved.  It was so easy and so unbelievably helpful.  I loved the quick response and personal assistance.  This is an amazing foundation to honor their baby.  My baby was born 10 weeks premature, spent 60 days in the NICU and came home. He has really bad reflux but besides that he’s home doing great.  I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I stressed my entire pregnancy about how I would manage to stay near my baby almost 4 hours from home. This Foundation took away my stresses about that. I couldn’t have imagined leaving him at all. Thank you guys so much!  God bless you guys for all that you do for others in similar situations.

LaTosha Peters

Mom of Preemie Ben

We felt so financially unstable before applying, but had some hope when we were applying.  We were so happy and thankful to receive assistance, and felt such relief.  The amount we were given was such a blessing.  We would absolutely recommend because they are so helpful.  We are so appreciative of this foundation.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Jordan Joseph

Parent of Mia Iris Roxanne Joseph

When I dealt with pregnancy complications and my son’s premature birth, I felt like I was going to lose everything.  I heard about the foundation and didn’t know what to expect but I gave it a try and prayed that I would get approved.  After I was approved, I felt that god has truly blessed me and my prayers were answered by a perfect stranger. I was crying tears of joy and was in shock.   I would recommend any family to this foundation because the turnaround time is amazing and the communication is also amazing; if there’s any questions they email right back no problem.  It was a wonderful experience thank you so much.  My son graduated from the NICU on my birthday and is now nine months old and weighing 17 pounds.  I am so proud of him and so thankful for allowing my son to have a home to come to.

Shakerah Blake

Mom of Preemie Hezekhi Cleveland

This donation really helped my family. We were able to visit our daughter in the NICU an additional day every week. My depression decreased dramatically and we were able to save money to afford the costs to travel to the doctor for visits each week.

NICU mom

They were able to help me during a time when I had nowhere else to turn and no other available resources to help care for my families financial needs. If It weren't for the foundation I would have lost my vehicle that gets me back and forth to the hospital.

NICU mom

I was so overwhelmed with emotions.  I was hopeful and doubtful at the same time when I was applying. I was hoping I would get a little help but with the way things were going, it was hard to believe I would.  When I was approved, I felt relief, at least a little bit. I could breathe because I had a chance of not losing everything.  Complete strangers willing to help me in a time where you feel completely alone and overwhelmed is amazing!  My baby girl is now 7 months and doing well. She had her 3rd surgery at the first of the year for a g tube but has not needed to stay since. She has cystic fibrosis and we have monthly appointments. She is the happiest baby ever! She works hard to catch up with the babies her age.


Preemie Mom

The foundation was amazing, an answered prayer!  We sent the application in and had an answer the very next day!  We were shown such kindness and love.  Greyson spent 6 months in the NICU and had a total of 8 surgeries 2 being brain surgeries. We got our apartment in August thanks to the foundation and Greyson came home 9-23-19! We just celebrated his 1st birthday on March 10th, one doctors said he'd never see! Thanks to this foundation helping us get an apartment, he has his own room decorated in Chicago Bears!  My family is so grateful for this foundation and the help we received, it honestly changed our life!

Jackie Lewis

Preemie mom to Grayson

Without knowing about this resource, I was lost, confused, hopeless, and terrified.  When my social worker told me about being approved, my world just kinda stopped, I knew it had to be a joke.  It was not a joke though, they helped not just once, but twice when I lost everything after my surgeries. Since then I have gone on to lose a job to find a new job and become a supervisor in a matter of a month!

Bryana Jackson

When I experienced my miscarriage, I felt so sad and stressed.  I was so ecstatic to get help from the foundation!  I would recommend because this foundation really helped in a time that I needed it most when I felt I had nowhere else to turn.  Everyone I interacted with was very kind and answered every question I had.  Thank you so much. You guys are amazing and I’m so thankful.


Loss Mom


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