About Us

We are working to improve outcomes of pregnancy, childbirth, infancy, prematurity, as well as assist with impact of loss through financial assistance, education, and advocacy.

D…is for Determined

A…is for Active

I…is for Inspiring

S…is for Strong

I…is for Innovative

E…is for Educating

S…is for Supportive

Welcome to our Foundation

Welcome to the Colette Louise Tisdahl foundation! We have struggled with trying to conceive and grow our family. We miscarried in May 2017 and then we were blessed to get pregnant again in December 2017 with a due date of September 7, 2018. At just under 22 weeks, mom was hospitalized with preeclampsia and told she would not leave the hospital until after delivery. On May 23, 2018, under advice from the doctors because our baby was not growing, we welcomed our gorgeous daughter, Colette Louise, 16 weeks early. Colette made us and everyone who knew her fall madly in love. We loved that she had gorgeous blond hair, her mom’s nose, and long arms and legs. Colette fought hard, but after 9 days, we lost her. This organization is dedicated to her. We want to keep her name and memory alive and also help families that find themselves in situations similar to ours–to families who have to struggle with pregnancy complications and premature birth. We appreciate your visiting the site and welcome comments, questions, and suggestions. Thanks!

Michelle and Mark