February 24, 2021

Financially Planning for Pregnancy and Baby

Join us on March 18 at 7 p.m. CST for a presentation from Nicole Monet from Northwestern Mutual to help families preparing for a pregnancy (whether […]
February 20, 2021

Parenting After Loss: I Can’t Complain

Parenting After Loss Support Does it suck to be woken up by a screaming, crying baby at 4 a.m.? Yes, absolutely, it does. Does me hating […]
February 20, 2021

Love Letters to Moms

Emily Long and Pregnancy After Loss Support Our executive director, Michelle Valiukenas, wrote a letter to moms who have lost and may be considering options besides […]
February 11, 2021

Love and Hearts Are in the Air…

By: Michelle Valiukenas, Co-Founder and Executive Director As Valentine’s Day approaches this weekend, a lot of talk of love, pictures and images of hearts, candy hearts, […]
January 30, 2021

Power to Change Stories

Take the Lead Our executive director, Michelle Valiukenas, talks about how her experiences led to the creation of The Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation.
January 30, 2021

Expecting But Not Pregnant After Loss: Elliott Miguel’s Birth Story

This was the moment I had waited nearly 41 weeks for, but honestly, for over four years—four years of infertility, treatments, shots, a whole new vocabulary […]
January 26, 2021

A $4 Million NICU Bill: The Price of Prematurity

New York Times As the number of preterm births rises, families are shouldering unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.
January 26, 2021

I am Colette’s Mom

Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc I am the proud mom of Colette Louise, my little fireball, gorgeous blonde with my nose, long legs, long […]
January 26, 2021

Surviving the Loss of a Child: Michelle’s Story

Undefining Motherhood To many, the loss of a child is completely unimaginable–something we shove into the darkest corners of our mind and fervently pray we never […]