Parenting After Loss: Lessons Learned and Lessons Causing Struggles
July 12, 2021
Expecting But Not Pregnant: It Feels Surreal
July 12, 2021

Expecting But Not Pregnant: Dear Baby

 Colette will be in your life as much as we possibly can include her, but she will not babysit you, she will not get to tease you or drive you crazy, you will not have fights with your big sister like other siblings do. Colette will not reach down and hold your hand to cross the street, she will not teach you all the ways to get away with things, she will not be able to tell you about teachers that she had when you have them, you will not be able to go visit your big sister in college and feel like you are so grown up for that brief moment, you will not be able to dance with her at her wedding, or to hold her children—your nieces and nephews—close to your heart. 

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