Expecting But Not Pregnant: 2020 Vision (with Hope and Fear)
August 24, 2021
Expecting But Not Pregnant: Will Loss Ever Really End?
August 24, 2021

Expecting But Not Pregnant: Anxiety is Alive and Well

 We also talked about how we knew we had made the right choice with G carrying for us, but how it was also frustrating that she was not a high-risk pregnancy and would not have the same number of screenings and check-ins. It definitely is ironic to be upset or frustrated by the fact that she is not high-risk and simultaneously be glad that she is not since the odds of everything turning out differently are so much greater. But, as all things post-loss and expecting post-loss, it is a series of contradictions and conflicting emotions, a roller coaster of emotions that you ride, while hoping for a smooth ride and finishing without getting sick.


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