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Featured Family: The Adams Family

Featured Family: Marykate and Cecilia

What triggered you to apply for financial assistance?
Preterm birth, NICU stay, infant loss

How did you find out about our foundation as a resource?
The social worker at the hospital (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

When you applied for financial assistance, explain what help you were looking for.
My husband took off work to be with us 2 hours away from home so we needed help with our bills. Money got very tight.

What help did you receive?
Paid a bill of ours.

How did you feel when you got approved?
Amazing. It was such a relief to know we didn’t have to stress about that bill while we were worried about our son in the NICU and mourning the loss of his brother.

Share as much or as little as you want about your story.
I went in at 24 weeks for a check up to see how my twin boys were doing. We found out that day I needed an emergency C-section due to a placenta abruption. My boys were born at 1lb 5oz and 1lb 9oz. They were both very sick, but my Amos was sicker and he fought so hard for 24 days before he gained his wings. My son Anderson was in the NICU for 126 days. The NICU was 2 hours from our house and we had a three year old daughter at home. The bills began to pile up so quickly.

Bring us up to date on what has happened since you applied.
We got approved and a bill was paid and it relieved so much stress knowing we didn’t have to worry about that. My son got to go home after 126 days. He has been home three months. He’s still on oxygen. He is going in next month for open heart surgery. Our little man is such a fighter.

Explain what this help meant to you. What effect did it have on your family short-term and long-term?
This helped our family by relieving so much stress during our NICU stay and allowing us to focus on spending time with our children. It helped us to know we weren’t getting behind on any bills and kept us caught up even when we would’ve fell behind.

If you had not gotten the help you did, what would that have meant for your family?
If we would not have gotten the help, that would have been a bill did not get paid. We would’ve started to fall behind on all ours bills and that would’ve been so much added stress on top of an already stressful time.

What would you say to another family going through this same process?
There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep fighting for your baby. Keep the hope. Keep the faith.


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