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February 15, 2024
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March 5, 2024

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Baby Loss

Gaps Seen in Stillbirth Bereavement Care Among U.S. Hospitals

“Barriers to offering adequate care, more pronounced at small hospitals, included financial limitations and lack of staff education. Larger hospitals were more likely to have staff that could address stillbirth bereavement-related topics and refer patients to community bereavement resources.”

Health Equity

Racial, ethnic discrimination against patients is impacting care, healthcare workers say

“Nearly half of U.S. healthcare workers have seen racial or ethnic discrimination against patients firsthand, and more agree that it’s either a major problem or a crisis, according to a recent Commonwealth Fund survey.”

Infant and Perinatal Health

Maternal syphilis rates in the U.S. have tripled in recent years, CDC report shows, raising infection risk for infants

“The vast majority of congenital syphilis cases in the US – nearly 90% – might have been prevented with better testing and treatment, a recent CDC report said. Timely treatment – at least 30 days before delivery – slashes the risk that the infection will pass from mother to baby by 98%.”

Pregnancy Complications

Children Born to Mothers with Pregancy Complications Face Higher Heart Risks

“Women who develop high blood pressure or diabetes in the course of pregnancy are more likely to give birth to children who develop conditions that may compromise their own heart health at a young age.”

Pregnancy After Loss

Sarah Herron Tells Herself ‘It’s OK to Let Yourself Enjoy’ Pregnancy as She Reflects on Loss of Son Oliver

“Pregnancy after loss is just a whole new, complicated territory and I wish there was a playbook.”

Reproductive Justice

‘Fleeing under the cover of darkess’: How Idaho’s abortion ban is changing pregnancy in the state

“It’s a little bit terrifying to know that we can’t practice our full scope, that we are now needing to manage and triage patients, often outside of the state, to get the reproductive health care that they need.”

Resources for Families in need

WIC faces a budget shortfall. For millions of women and young children, more than nutrition is at stake.

“WIC participation is also associated with improved birth outcomes, lower infant mortality and higher cognitive development among children, compared to populations who are eligible for WIC but not participating in it.”


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